The Sparkle Live Long and Prosper.

Em, I am a blogger as well to write down something I believe useful.

I sincerely appreciated those nice guys who are active for sharing and good at instructing. Having learned much from them, I wish I could do the similar to the community. For example, handy tips and useful cores are constantly extracted from my code repositories as one of my blog sources.

As a matter of fact, science which is mostly above the sky needs interpretations written in human language for more friendly introduction. It will provide the start-up step for either young (under)graduates to follow up the research field, or interdisciplinary communications. More importantly it will be vessel to connect the public so that hopefully the more they learn about what is going in sciences, the less being scared of what they don't know at all. For instance, the bio-security of Genetically modified food has been trapped in strong debates in China. I cannot imagine what is the future of synthetic biology.

I have two blog sites: Written in English and deployed on GitHub. It is more like my notebook on the way of bioinformatics and computational biology. This is my first site which covers mostly synthetic biology, molecular biology, some programing skills, etc. It is an archive of my previous age with fancy dreams in sciences and reflects my ambitions that time.