You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

I wish I were RNA, so ?

Probably I was born to study RNA. If you feed the web tool WebLogo [1] with my names typed in multiple times as enough input data, you could exactly create a RNA motif composing of my name.

Throughout these years my researches mainly focused on RPBome [2], a term the community uses to describe RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and their recognition elements within the transcriptome, and Alternative Splicing [3] which enriches the complexity of transcripts.

Oh, Trust me, I am aRtist

It is not surprising that I have been highly dedicated to analyzing RNA-seq, in particular CLIP-seq (also named HITS-CLIP) data. But the surprising part is how I do. Because what I (love to) do is just like reassembling magazine articles after they have been through a paper shredder [4, 5], how can I manage to make it if I did not have talents being artist, although I am a young biologist?

Well, although I am a biologist I do write codes, thus I decode the book of life with both keyboard and pipettes. R programing language [6] is my favorite and frequently used. Sexy data analysis! Elegant data visualization! Admittedly Perl and Python are more likely unequally treated as I don't program for money and I'm afraid of snake, I have to say, they are still active in my code repositories.

So I could have U !

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